Phase 1:Cabrillo logs upload test - DONE
Phase 2:Contest specific logs upload & check
Phase 3:After-party contest evaluation
Phase 4:On-line contest evaluation
Phase 5:Trial evaluation during real contest

Please help us to complete Phase 2 testing.

Upload your Cabrillo v2/v3 (Ermak) logs for the ACTIVE CONTEST and see how software will check it and detect errors.

Updates from 21 August 2012:
  • Added hints upon errors or warnings;
  • Various checks and clean-ups

Updates from 8 August 2012:
  • Latest logs list per each active contest;
  • Current rating with short and complete listing for each active contest.
    (Rating is hand-written for now);

Updates from 10 July 2012:
  • Links to a particular contest rules were added in the actual contests list;
  • Passwords hashing algorithm was improved;
  • Your password for the log edit/update can be sent via e-mail;
  • Incorrect contest name became now a fatal error.

New features and updates:
  • Contest specific checks for allowed time/bands/modes. No exchange number check for now;
  • Log editing after its upload or upon any error or warning;
  • Log update is now password protected. Simple 8-digit password is easy to enter;
  • Several minor improvements in the core and interface.

Cabrillo log file: 

Please report your results to forum. Thank you!